AARP Annual Event at McCormick Place; Chicago IL

L to R: Cheryl Sturm and Amy Cone; Kemin Foods; (Des Moines, IA) (

[Sept. 5, 6 & 7, 2003]


AARP attendees from New Orleans, LA:

Theodore and Eural Scott

Judy Delgado at podium

AARP Presentation; Chicago IL (Sept. 5, 2003)

Judi Delgado (at microphone), Director, Macular Degeneration Partnership; Los Angeles CA (


The Macular Degeneration Partnership Exhibit was manned by: Judi Delgado (MDP), Cheryl Sturm (Kemin), Burgundy L. Olivier "(I LOVE SPINACH" Cookbook), Amy Cone (Kemin), April Bracken (Ready Pac Produce), and Tony & Millie Zayas (Ready Pac Produce).
MacD booth
Amy & Judi

Amy Cone and Judi Delgado keeping their sense of humor despite the long hours and hectic schedule.


(Photos by: Burgundy L. Olivier.)

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