L to R: Burgundy L. Olivier (The Spinach Lady), Al Olivier (The Spinach Husband), and Susan Murphy, cooking instructor.(July 2003)


Burgundy, Al & Susan Murphy
Joan Stewart & Susan Murphy
L to R: Joan Stewart (with the chef's hat), "The Publicity Hound"; and Susan Murphy, "Cookin' Cajun Cooking School." (July 2003)
"The Publicity Hound" (Joan Stewart) enjoying her first bowl of hot Creole Gumbo.(July 2003)
Joan eating gumbo
L to R: Stacy Thompson (with apron), Burgundy Olivier, Chef Eric Bang and Al Olivier; Cookin' Cajun Cooking School, Riverwalk Mall; New Orleans LA (August 2002)

L to R: Burgundy Olivier and Chef Bang

(August  2002)

L to R: Al Olivier, Chef Bang, Burgundy Olivier, and Stacy Thompson. (August 2002)
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